3 Things You Can Do With A Smart Home Automation System From Control4

3 Things You Can Do With A Smart Home Automation System From Control4

As a Control4 dealer in Pittsburgh, PA, we design and install smart home automation systems in homes. We do this by integrating audio, video, lighting design, motorized shades, surveillance and more, so that they work together to make life easier, not to mention a whole lot of fun. No doubt like all technology, home automation has many levels.  The great thing about Control4 home automation system is that it can scale, starting with just a set up to control your entertainment system from one remote and building up to controlling many technologies in your home. You will be able to control the system from anywhere on many devices, like an Apple Watch, Cell phones, touchscreen tablets and voice assistants. 

Now you may already have an Alexa voice assistant, a Ring doorbell, a Nest Thermostat and even a security system or a Lutron system that controls lighting and shading, and you might already be feeling the inconvenience of having too many apps. With Control4, you will only have one app that can connect to all these devices and systems.  Here are 3 examples of how a Control4 smart home automation system can enhance your life:

 1. Morning And Bedtime Routines Simplified

Imagine waking up to natural light when your motorized shades automatically open, your favorite morning playlist turns on, your security system disarms, lights at the right color temperature go on in parts of the home where needed, while your coffee starts to brew. Simply say, “Good Night” and blinds come down, lights go off, all the audio video in the home turns off, garage door shuts down, temperature adjusts and security arms. You no longer have to walk around your home turning things on and off in the morning or at bedtime.

 2. Setting Scenes For Special Experiences

Ready to watch a movie? With the click of one button – audio video comes alive, lights dim, blinds come down and you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your movie without fumbling around for a dozen apps to create this scene.  How about a party outdoors? Tunable landscape and pool lighting can be programmed to reflect your choice of colors and connected to high performance outdoor audio, creating an energized environment that guests will be sure to love – all triggered by one touch on your cell phone app.

 3. When You’re Away From Home

You just left your home – did you forget to unplug the iron? You can check on that from your surveillance camera in the laundry room. Later that day, a notification lets you know your packages have arrived. You can see the kids are home and forgot to lock the doors.  The day is cooler than expected, so you adjust the temperature. All this crucial information can be viewed from your Control4 app on your cell phone.

 Are you ready for a smart home automation system in your Pittsburgh, PA home?  You and your family can stop by the Listen Hear Smart Homes showroom and check out the Control4 smart home automation system we have set up to demo all the amazing possibilities. Contact us for an appointment.

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