Home theater room with large screen showing movie selections on it. Five free standing white paradigm speakers place under screen. Red theater seating in background. Text on image says Feel the music as it was intended.

Feel The Music
As It Was Intended

Audio Design... marrying art & tech

Home Audio

Encounter beautiful sounds everywhere in your home.  From the bedroom to the patio, set the mood or just relax with your favorite music.

Modern living room with beige couches and two gray chairs with a gray brick wall in back. In-ceiling smart lighting and in-ceiling speakers included.


Bring music to every room in your home with a custom designed whole home audio system. Whether you are in the kitchen cooking, working in your home office, or laying by the pool, stream your favorite music with just one touch. The audio components are placed in a central location and the only thing present in each room are seamlessly integrated architectural in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that will blend into your décor.

Modern living room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking patio. Black cabinet with one orange JBL speaker placed on each side.


Create an unprecedented listening experience and hear music as it was intended.  The art of tech and design intersect, creating the most accurate and engaging sound. Specialized technology and craftsmanship combine to deliver world-class sound through perfectly crafted speakers and audio components.

outside patio with stone low wall. Outdoor speaker place on stone floor with purple flowers in a wooden planter and a wood chair with turquoise cushions.


Enjoy music outdoors, just as you do inside your home. The latest in sound technology is available in speakers and components specially designed to endure the outside elements.  The outdoor system is fully integrated and can be controlled with a smart device. Whether relaxing poolside or entertaining, be surrounded by beautiful sound and views in your backyard.


Create a room in your home to enjoy the ultimate in audio and video. An integrated space with surround sound or Dolby Atmos will deliver a layered sound experience through a combination of traditional and overhead speakers. The size and layout of the room will determine the placement of the speakers. The room will be designed with special sound treatment for exceptional acoustic performance.

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