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Motorized Shades

The beauty of motorized shades means never having to manually close your blinds again. Touch one button or program your shades to open and close at set times throughout the day.

Wood kitchen table with retro white chairs placed round table in front of a window with white motorized shades drawn.


Form meets function with automated shades. With one touch or a pre-programmed schedule, the blinds will open and close. Rise with the sun in the morning with the wake-up scene, programmed to open your shades at sunrise. Maintain your privacy in the evening by closing your shades at dusk.   An added benefit is protecting the interior design of your home. The ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight can cause damage to your furnishings, artwork, and TV screens. Available in different styles and fabrics to match your décor and lifestyle.

Back patio of a gray stone home with outdoor motorized shades open .


Add luxury to your outdoor living space with motorized shades. Shield yourself from the sun with one press. Create privacy when you are entertaining or just relaxing. The specialized materials will protect you, your outdoor furnishings and technology from the elements. Avoid the direct glare from the sun while watching the big game on your outdoor tv or working on your laptop.

Modern living room with large glass windows and sliding doors. Windows are unique shapes and have specially shaped motorized shades. Man kneeling down petting his dog at the door.

Specialty Shaped

Match the beauty of architectural windows with hand crafted custom shaped motorized roller or cellular shades.  Each shade is handmade by artisans to perfectly fit the exact shape of any window. The beautiful shades will retract to expose the glass and unique features of arched, angled, trapezoid or pyramid shaped windows. Available in a vast collection of soft fabrics and colors to match traditional to more contemporary designs.

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