5 Tips to Improve your Home Theater Experience

5 Tips to Improve your Home Theater Experience

The reason why most people prefer to watch movies in cinemas is that the experience is thrilling, fun, and memorable. But do you know that you can create your own home theater experience at home? All that you need is a big screen (preferably LED or LCD screen), a good sound system, a comfortable seat and of course, popcorn. Below are five tips to improve your home theatre experience.

1. Upgrade audio sound. A home theater experience cannot be complete without a quality sound system. Invest in quality audio that will do great justice to the video. Most people don’t go beyond investing on a good screen. However, intense audio is just as important as investing in a quality screen. Buy a good sound system and know how to balance the sound to create a thrilling experience. A good sound system must have a subwoofer for bass, surround speakers to create a 3D experience and center speakers for movie sound. Place the subwoofer around the corner to generate better bass quality. The center and the surround speakers should be placed close to where you will be sitting to provide theater sound experience. Remove all obstacles in the way of the speakers to improve sound quality.

2. Get darker curtains. Dark backgrounds will help to enhance the quality of the picture. Scientific research has shown that images that are still or moving to look better while on dark background. That explains why most cinemas are dark inside. So, get darker curtains to help reduce the amount of light getting into the room. Darker curtains also help to prevent distractions, allowing you to focus on the movie.

3. Invest in a big screen. One of the main reasons why people prefer watching movies in cinemas is because of the big screen. Of course, you cannot have a big screen like those found in cinemas, but you can afford to buy a fairly big screen. LED and LCD screens are highly recommended because of their fantastic brightness and superb picture quality. They are also affordable and consume less energy. We recommend that you get yourself a good screen with excellent color contrast and unique picture quality.

4. Get a comfortable seat. Investing in is quality seats will help enhance your home theater experience. Remember that you will be sitting on the chair for a long time. So, you need to invest in a quality chair that provides excellent comfort. Many seats on the market are specifically built for the home theater experience. Choose one that will best suit your needs. The seating arrangement is also essential. According to 20th Century Fox, you should place your seat at a place where when you draw a straight line between your head and the screen, then the angle should be between 36-50 degrees.

5. Get a universal remote. You don’t want to get up to turn the light off in the middle of the movie. That is why it is recommended that you get a universal remote. A universal remote will adjust all electronic devices in the room, including the room's lighting. If you have multiple remotes, then the chances are that you can misplace one. However, if you have one universal remote, then you can control everything in the room while relaxing in the comfort of your seat. In conclusion, you don’t have to go to the cinema to enjoy the movie experience. You can create a home theater experience in your home by following the above-mentioned tips. 

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