Large Home Theater with gray suede couches and seats. Large theater screen displaying Avatar movies description. A projector is mounted on ceiling projecting on to screen. There are specialty theater lights in ceiling and on walls.


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Home Theater

Entertainment at home is more popular than ever. An authentic movie theater style space becomes a gathering place for family and friends. Enjoy movies, sports games and even video gaming. When designing the space, it is important to account for whether it will be a dedicated room or integrated into a common room and where the speakers and furniture will be placed. 


Bring your brand to life
White modern family room with sectional couch and two white chairs placed in front on a large TV mounted on the wall surrounded by 3 in-wall speakers.


Experience cinema-grade sound quality in the comfort of your personal home theater.  You will feel like you are in the middle of the action as you are surrounded by intricate audio from different areas in the room. Purposefully placed in-ceiling, in-wall and tower speakers will create extraordinary sound quality. The addition of Dolby Atmos will next level your experience giving the effect of height speakers.

modern gray sunken living room with Large Flat screen mounted on wall with an underwater ocean scene on screen. The ceiling has large glass sky lights with trees showing.


As the lights dim, all eyes are on the big screen. The right screen will deliver stunning graphics at the highest resolution. The size and design of your room will help determine the best the type of screen for your home theater. An integrated theater is usually designed with a large HD TV. A dedicated home theater is ideal for a fixed screen.  If you have a room with a beautiful view, you can use a retractable screen which will lower with a remote.

Back of Home Theater with sound paneling and in-wall speakers on the walls. Movie projector mounted into ceiling. Three brown leather theater seats on wood floor facing front of room.


A high-performance home cinema projector delivers a true theater experience with vibrant colors and detailed imaging. Adjustable aspect ratios allow you view your feature film the way it was intended. Available in full HD or 4K 

Large home theater room with gray wood floors. Large screen on front wall with a dinosaur movie playing on screen. Free standing and in-wall speakers placed around screen. Walls are treated with sound treatment and feature blue accent lighting.


As the lights dim to the movie theater preset, you are surrounded by just the right glow of light to maximize the picture quality and clarity on the big screen. Floor level and above head lights give you the feeling like you are at the cinema plex. Control the lights with ease from a smart device or remote control. 

Couple sitting on a white leather couch in family room watching a TV mounted on the wall over a fireplace. Room features 4 windows covered by maroon-colored automated shades that are in the down position.


With the press of a button, the automated shades close to create just the right environment for viewing a movie. The shades are designed with special materials to darken the room and control the amount of light that comes through. Adjust the shades from the comfort of your seat with your mobile device or remote. 

Home Theater room with multilevel seating. Seating includes gray suede theater seats and large round oversized round couches. Four movie posters on back wall.


Enjoy the show in the comfort of perfectly designed theater-style seating. High-end construction and design ergonomics create just the right viewing environment. A custom layout can be created with a combination of multi-media sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and lounge styles options.  A variety of colors are available to match the décor and style design of your home theater. 


Sound and acoustics are an important factor in home theater design. The shape of the room, placement of furniture and size of speakers all contribute to how the sound is delivered. Utilizing the right materials and acoustical treatments, the intense sounds can be kept inside your theater while sound absorption can control the sounds as they move and reflect from the walls and ceiling. Form and function create just the right aesthetics and perfect sound quality in your theater.  

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