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Lighting design can beautifully enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. Create atmosphere, highlight your décor, and provide task-oriented lighting for everyday living. Lighting can be integrated with a smart home system for convenience and scheduling.

Modern white kitchen with marble counter tops and waterfall island. Unique pendant LED lights mounted on ceiling and accent lighting on walls.


Lighting in your home can match flow of sunlight from day to night. Your lights can transition automatically based on a preprogrammed schedule or change at the press of a button from daylight to evening glow. Lighting controls can be integrated with your control system creating preset lighting scenes for wake up, dinner party, movie night, evening and more, based on your lifestyle. The scenes can integrate lights with other technologies in your home such as audio, video, shades, surveillance and more. A custom designed lighting plan can deliver various levels of lighting including overhead, task lighting, accent lights, with each type creating atmosphere and having a specific purpose.

Outdoor backyard of modern home at night with pool highlighted by blue accent lighting.


Exterior lighting design can create the perfect outdoor oasis around your home. The ideal design can provide more time for your to enjoy mother nature. Create a delightful setting for evening entertaining with lights that highlight your backyard, pool, landscape, and pathways around your property. Outdoor lighting is tunable, providing the ability to change colors for holidays, parties and more. The lighting system can be controlled through an automation system that can be accessed on a mobile device or through weatherproof dimmers or keypads.

Corner of living room with two windows featuring white motorized shades that are open halfway. Two gray chairs with a white table placed between.


Automated shades are part of lighting design and must be accounted for in the planning process. Lighting and shades work together to match the natural cycle of light throughout the day. When the sun comes up, the shades go up, and as day turns to evening, the shades go down and the lights turn on. An automation system provides the ability for your shades to be connected to your other technologies such as surveillance, audio, video and more. Motorized blinds and shades are available in a various fabrics and colors to match your décor and compliment the lighting design in your home.

Control4 smart remote placed on a white counter top showing the lighting control on the screen.


Control your lighting from your mobile device or touch pad. Program scenes in your home based on your schedule, special events and even holidays. Integrating lighting into the control system provides the ability to program lighting in connection with other smart technologies such as audio, video, shading and surveillance. With an app, you can control the intensity and color of lighting. Easily manage lighting for both indoors and outdoors

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