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Home automation provides a life of simplicity and convenience where all the technology in your home works together. Welcome to your smart home.


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Wood table with iPad tablet featuring Control4 application open on it.


Experience the magic of a smart home, where the touch of a button or a voice command can create the perfect scene. When you wake, the shades go up, your favorite music is playing in the background and the lights in your bathroom welcome you. At bedtime, you home shuts down, setting your security system, closing the shades and dimming the lights. All your technology can be flawlessly integrated into a single system and can be controlled with a smart device, touch pad or through voice. Whether you are in your home or across the world, control all your technology.


Create the perfect atmosphere in your home with automated lighting. Program lighting to match your lifestyle. Design specific scenes for family time, relaxation and entertaining. Utilize natural day light during daytime hours to reduce energy usage.  As the day turns to evening, schedule your lights to turn on. Control your lighting with an app, specialized dimmers or a remote.  A combination of lighting styles are available for ambient, accent and task lighting. Fully integrated lighting systems can extend outdoors. 

Family room with floor to ceiling glass window with sheer white aumtomated shades on them. White modern TV console with tv sitting on it. Through window you can see patio with trees.


A custom motorized shading system adds both style and function to your home. With the press of the button or using scheduled programs, you can wake up to natural sunlight and have the shades close at night when you are preparing for bed. Shades protect your furniture, art and TVs from UV rays from direct sunlight.  Control your shades from inside your home or remotely when you are away. 

Home Theater room with black leather theater seating with a large movie screen in front showing Control4 app on screen. Avengers poster on one wall and overhead smart lighting in ceiling.


Create an environment to deliver entertainment that appeals to your senses.  Easily integrate and control your audio and video with the touch of a button. Design different experience such as movie night, family game night or party. Streamline and easily access your favorite music or movies in one or multiple rooms inside your home or in your backyard for outdoor entertaining. 

A mans sitting on a couch holding  smart phone with the security app on the screen showing the front door.


Have peace of mind whether you are at home or away with an intuitive surveillance system. A combination of high-definition cameras and recorders capture video footage in and around your home. Connecting your surveillance system to your home automation system gives you the ability to monitor and even access your home remotely. The system can then be integrated with other technologies such as lighting and shades. 

White counter with a network router and an iPad on the it featuring Control4 app open and silver sculpture in back.


A strong network is at the center of a smart home automation system. It is the backbone that supports and integrates all your technologies, allowing seamless control through an app or smart device.  Whether utilizing a Wi-Fi or a hard-wired network, reliability and speed are key. We live in a truly connected world and having a network designed to deliver maximum bandwidth to support streaming, voice and date both indoors and outdoors is critical. 

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