Man sitting at a wood desk with a Mac computer on it. He is looking at the Luma Security app showing various views of outside of his home.

Peace Of Mind
& Convenience Matters

Integrate lights & more to maximize Use


Protect you family and ensure that your home is secure with a high-tech surveillance system. Feel confident about the level of protection from inside your home or when you are away.

Dome security camera mounted on ceiling with a hand holding a smart phone next to it displaying various views of the home from different security cameras.


Keep an eye on what is most important inside your home. Indoor surveillance will give you the peace-of-mind and confidence whether you are home or away. High-definition cameras capture what is happening and you can view footage in real time or watch back a recording on the CCTV system. Access your system remotely from your mobile device so you are always in the know.

Outdoor patio ceiling with white outdoor security camera mounted on it.


Carefully placed video surveillance cameras will monitor the exterior of your home. Always be aware of what is happening, whether a delivery is being made or a visitor is arriving. Outdoor cameras, which capture real-time footage, act as a deterrent for unwanted intrusions. A video doorbell allows you to see who is at your front door. Conveniently access your surveillance system from an app on your mobile device whether inside or away from your home.

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